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The Photographer’s Diary : Summer 2014

We’ve fallen out of sync over the past few months so I thought now would be as good a time as any to fill you in on what’s been happening since we last… Continue reading

The Photographer’s Diary : March 2014

It’s hard finding the time to sit down and write lately. I’m sure we’ve all heard that before, it seems to be a phrase that’s become part of my vocabulary lately. It’s true… Continue reading

The Photographer’s Diary : January 2014

Welcome to the first edition of TPD for 2014. A very warm and smily hello to you all 🙂 I know it’s not January  (it’s almost not even February anymore!), but this is… Continue reading

062/365 – Hula Hoops (the toy, not the crisp!)

I spent longer than I was expecting to at work so didn’t get chance to venture anywhere today, but then it’s amazing what you can find at your disposal around the workplace. I… Continue reading

053/365 – Paper Art

I like trying new things out and as the weather was rather wet today, I thought I’d attempt to create my version of ‘fine art’ as they call it in Practical Photography. The… Continue reading

020/365 – The here and now

What I’m learning along this 365 is that experimentation can often have some pleasing results. I was however, in two minds as to whether to have this as today’s picture as I thought… Continue reading

010/365 – Great (grate)

When you’re standing in front of the photocopier waiting for it to churn out 200, double sided, stapled booklets, it’s not long until your mind starts to wonder. And wonder mine did… I… Continue reading

003/365 – Snap Happy

A windy trip into town proved to be very worthwhile as I am now the proud owner of a new, shiny, red Nikon 1, even if my bank balance is now somewhat dented.… Continue reading

Practical Photography Course: Double or Quits

Over the next six months I’ll be taking part in the Practical Photography DSLR course and each month we’ll be asked to create a specific type of image. The Brief: Module 1 Choose… Continue reading

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