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350/365 – Mailbox at Christmas

I actually don’t know where the days are going! Christmas is fast approaching and my shopping is only really just beginning. I don’t like to do it too early – I kind of… Continue reading

349/365 – Holidays are coming

When I found out the Coca Cola lorry was once again touring again I was determined to go and see it. Last year, it was at our local supermarket but unfortunately I didn’t… Continue reading

348/365 – Treetops

You’ll be sick of trees soon, but then we might as well finish the project the same way we started it. I’m only going to be able to manage a short one tonight… Continue reading

347/365 – Frozen blades

There’s definitely a winter theme flowing through the project this week. With the amount of cold weather and frost we’ve been having I suppose it’s only natural really; that’s certainly the sign that… Continue reading

346/365 – Winter Trees

Thankfully it was a little bit less frosty this morning, but still cold. Not that I’m complaining of course. There’s nothing more I like better than wrapping up really warm in my big… Continue reading

345/365 – Bicycle

21 to go… My car wouldn’t start this morning. It took me a few moments to realise that I wasn’t getting any warmer, and my back windscreen wasn’t clearing itself like it should. Whilst I… Continue reading

344/365 – Frosty Morning

I’m in the middle of making a sausage casserole – the vegetables are bubbling away and the sausages are cooking nicely. I always seem to be making something when I’m writing these lately – just… Continue reading

343/365 – Stone path

It’s been a good couple of weeks since I’ve been able to get to archery. The first week I was down in London exploring the Tate with the brother, and last week, well,… Continue reading

342/365 – Early morning skies

I’m writing this at work because if I don’t I know I won’t feel like it later on. I’ve been in work all day today and I’d forgotten just how much of a… Continue reading

341/365 – Christmas baubles

Lately I seem to find myself constantly saying how tired I am and how little time I’ve had to do anything. Today is yet another of those and I’m frantically writing this post in-between going… Continue reading

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