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152/365 – Neon Nights #2

I did think I wouldn’t show another image from my ‘Neon’ collection quite so soon, but then I thought it kind of makes sense to have them quite close together as they come… Continue reading

150/365 – Neon Nights #1

Another mile stone, we’ve now clocked up 150 images. It won’t be long until we’ll be half way! I never thought I’d make it this far to be honest. Today has been a… Continue reading

145/365 – Running Shoes

It’s been a busy old day today; I was up early to go for a jog. Me and Hannah thought we’d try jogging around the park. We did quite well, although I have to… Continue reading

140/365 – Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch today was provided by Miller and Carter. It was nice to have a leisurely family meal out, and as the parents were paying, three courses. I’m sure I’ve said this before,… Continue reading

139/365 – Geometric

Very rarely do I get a Saturday off work, but today was one of those mornings. There wasn’t the usual Friday night rush to bed as soon as I arrived home so I… Continue reading

136/365 – Treeo

I had the day off today which was very nice. I’ve been up early every morning for the last few days so it’s always nice when the opportunity for a lie in comes… Continue reading

124/365 – Shades of Spring

Today saw the second (the third will be for my holiday which will probably go out in a day or two!) large amount of money leave my account as the vehicle was going… Continue reading

123/365 – Floating daisy

My third Thursday off in a row – I could get used to this! Saying that, I have been going into school different days but it always feels nicer when you’re usually meant… Continue reading

097/365 – Splash

One of the nice things about Easter is that I have the weekend off. In fact, I’m not back in work until Wednesday which is lovely. The only down side of course is… Continue reading

085/365 – Hook (no line, no sinker)

We call it a hook, but I guess technically it isn’t; you can’t hang your jacket on it that’s for sure. They also get called pegs, but you can’t hang your washing out… Continue reading

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