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051/365 – What do you see?

The unique thing about photography is that everybody can look at the same picture but feel completely different emotions. Every image I’ve shown so far will have been interpreted differently by each and… Continue reading

050/365 – Sight for sore eyes

This dilapidated shed resides right at the bottom of our next door neighbours garden, and it’s looked like this for the whole ten years we’ve lived here. The only time he goes anywhere… Continue reading

047/365 – I always say no to coffee

I can’t stand it! When I was little, I really liked the idea of drinking coffee and wanted to try some. On my first sip, the taste was, well… disgusting, it was like… Continue reading

041/365 – Pathway through the trees

The weather people were wrong. It hardly snowed at all; the 10-15cm we were expecting never materialised. No more snowman making for me! It’s still bitterly cold though, but the ice on my… Continue reading

040/365 – The green, green grass

(It’s not really grass – but don’t tell anyone…) I’m absolutely shattered after working a 12 hour day! I can’t wait to crawl into bed, so you’ll have to excuse the fact that… Continue reading

039/365 – Frozen in time

Might as well make the most of the cold weather… On my way back from hunting for photo paper in our garage, I happened to glance across at a pot with a thin… Continue reading

038/365 – Musical Number

I’m in a very musical mood today. When I say musical, I don’t mean dancing, lights and show tunes, but the pleasure of listening to an extremely good album that technically didn’t cost… Continue reading

037/365 – Flower Power

Close-up, the flowers I was going to buy from IKEA were really not as nice as I originally thought and so I’ve abandoned that idea. But today’s visit to the place where I… Continue reading

036/365 – A winter’s day

The snow came thick and fast last night! When I ventured out to go and reset the trip switch after a lightbulb went, it must have been a good 4-5 inches deep. And… Continue reading

035/365 – First signs of snow

I think the days of getting snow in December are over…well apart from last year when we had quite a lot. Now it always feels like winter actually arrives in January. This year… Continue reading

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