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075/365 – Just Changing – In Print!

Way back in January I sent three photos into my local paper for inclusion in their gallery. I thought that it was likely I wouldn’t hear anything back, but three weeks later I… Continue reading

073/365 – Sniffing Flowers

It’s been a while since he made his debut, but now Jack’s back! If that opening sentence didn’t sound like some cheesy tag line for a movie or something I don’t know what… Continue reading

072/365 – Window Shopping

I remember reading about the construction of the Bull Ring shopping centre years ago, it’s scary how fast time has flown by. I’ve been there on numerous occasions, usually coming out with a… Continue reading

071/365 – Shoreline

I couldn’t wait… Maybe it’s the beautiful sunny weather we’ve had lately, maybe it’s just my love for the sea, or maybe it’s a bit of both, but I couldn’t help but include… Continue reading

063/365 – The Water’s Edge

I knew the warm weather wouldn’t last… Rain and snow was hitting my windows this morning which sadly put the kibosh on my plans to venture into town bright and early to take… Continue reading

062/365 – Hula Hoops (the toy, not the crisp!)

I spent longer than I was expecting to at work so didn’t get chance to venture anywhere today, but then it’s amazing what you can find at your disposal around the workplace. I… Continue reading

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