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017/365 – “An Apple a day…”

“…keeps the Doctor away.” I deliberately didn’t take any fruit for my lunch today for a number of reasons: I knew I wanted today’s picture to be an apple and there was only… Continue reading

016/365 – That Monday morning feeling

It’s never easy to get up on a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend, but it’s even more difficult to get up if you know you’ve got the dentist. I have to say,… Continue reading

015/365 – Sweet tooth

Chocolate, the answer to everything… This will just be a short one today because I’m actually falling asleep as I type. I was randomly flicking through the gallery on my phone, and stumbled… Continue reading

013/365 – Friday the 13th

I’m happy to report that Friday the 13th hasn’t sent any bad luck my way. Saying that I don’t want to jinx it, theres till a while to go until the midnight hour.… Continue reading

012/365 – Don’t look back…

Who said graffiti isn’t wanted? I’ve seen this particular scrawl many times and often wondered who had taken the time to adorn this wall with it. I say ‘taken the time’, it’s not… Continue reading

011/365 – Peace of mind

I know what you’re thinking, if it’s not trees it’s the bike… Sometimes it’s good to take a little time out and my early morning bike ride was the perfect opportunity to sit… Continue reading

009/365 – Sleeping Willows

You’ll get used to the trees, I promise. I happen to rather like landscapes and living so close to a park gives me ample opportunity to capture the odd one or two. I’ve… Continue reading

006/365 – This one’s in the can

You know how I said that my daily 365 photo was going to be relevant to something I’d done during the day? Well, I lied. The only thing this has to do with… Continue reading

005/365 – tasTea

Tea. Very British and the answer to everything. There’s nothing more I like than coming home after a day at work to a nice brew, and if there’s a biscuit to go with… Continue reading

004/365 – These boots, they’re made for walkin’

These boots have certainly clocked up some miles on numerous trips around London and Birmingham as well as everywhere else in between. It was whilst I was out and about today, I thought… Continue reading

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