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087/365 – Summer sun (in March!)

I can’t believe how warm it’s been lately. For the past few days it’s actually felt like summer, until the sun sets and then you realise it’s still only March. But the days… Continue reading

082/365 – Just a Lily

Firstly, I know. Another flower. But it is spring after all and the sun was shining away happily today so I thought it only fair really. Originally I was only meant to be… Continue reading

077/365 – Happy Mother’s Day

Mom had said not to spend loads of money on overpriced flowers for Mother’s Day – so we didn’t. I can see how that sentence may sound like we had been given an… Continue reading

073/365 – Sniffing Flowers

It’s been a while since he made his debut, but now Jack’s back! If that opening sentence didn’t sound like some cheesy tag line for a movie or something I don’t know what… Continue reading

058/365 – Little piece of spring

It’s just started raining as I’m writing this, which is good really because I’ve literally been inside minutes after taking today’s picture. After the lovely weather of late last week, it’s funny to… Continue reading

037/365 – Flower Power

Close-up, the flowers I was going to buy from IKEA were really not as nice as I originally thought and so I’ve abandoned that idea. But today’s visit to the place where I… Continue reading

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