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The Photographer’s Diary : Summer 2014

We’ve fallen out of sync over the past few months so I thought now would be as good a time as any to fill you in on what’s been happening since we last… Continue reading

The Photographer’s Diary : March 2014

It’s hard finding the time to sit down and write lately. I’m sure we’ve all heard that before, it seems to be a phrase that’s become part of my vocabulary lately. It’s true… Continue reading

272/365 – Welcome back

I’m sat here writing this with a nice cuppa, a kit kat and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. I remember when I was little when I used to go swimming that… Continue reading

251/365 – Good stuff this pollen

You’ll know by the title then that today’s image is actually not related to the Olympics as I thought it may have been. Tomorrow’s definitely will be though as it’s the closing ceremony I’ve already… Continue reading

236/365 – Hay fields

Well, my Olympic tickets haven’t arrived yet 😦 I was very excited waiting for the postman this morning but sadly he didn’t bring me my goodies. Still, there’s always tomorrow. I hope they… Continue reading

195/365 – Poppy

I still haven’t had chance to just chill – work again today which means I’m going to delve into the archives for today’s image. It’s not that old really, it’s one I took… Continue reading

183/365 – Beautiful Lily

It’s pretty strange having everything back to normal again. This time last week we were all by the sea enjoying ourselves. Looking out the window now, the rain is still coming down thick… Continue reading

124/365 – Shades of Spring

Today saw the second (the third will be for my holiday which will probably go out in a day or two!) large amount of money leave my account as the vehicle was going… Continue reading

123/365 – Floating daisy

My third Thursday off in a row – I could get used to this! Saying that, I have been going into school different days but it always feels nicer when you’re usually meant… Continue reading

122/365 – Purple ‘See’

I can see again! I didn’t realise just how bad my eyes were until the optition pointed at a sign and asked me what it looked like with my old specs, and then… Continue reading

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