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264/365 – Say cheese!

I was thinking today that despite having my new camera for just over a month now, (I haven’t paid for it yet though – my bill doesn’t go out for another week or… Continue reading

263/365 – I say tomato, you say…

Busy is not the word at the moment, maybe I mean tired. There’s nothing worse than feeling so tired all you want to do is just sleep, and you’ve got a headache coming… Continue reading

262/365 – Toast anyone?

  I know it’s not breakfast time now, but it was when I took today’s image.┬áDespite taking a picture of toast and jam, I didn’t have that for breakfast – the birds had… Continue reading

260/365 – The Lad Pack

Update: I’ve since disocovered that launch day has been put back until tomorrow, but you can still look anyway ­čÖé Today is launch day for my brother’s new business venture. ‘The Lad Pack’… Continue reading

259/365 – Marble-less

I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by! Don’t worry, I’m not going to remind you that Christmas is just around the corner again. Surprisingly, I haven’t got a lot to… Continue reading

258/365 – Autumnal ramblings

Sometimes it’s when you’re doing nothing that the inspiration for a photo comes to you. Lying on the floor watching TV meant I caught these candles out the corner of my eye and… Continue reading

257/365 – Stop!

You’ll have to forgive me; this post is going to be short. I’ve spent all day in school non-stop typing so not only are my fingers feeling a little funny, but I’m also… Continue reading

256/365 – Spider

Not one for the faint hearted today – those of you who aren’t big fans of spiders should look away now! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m quite tired today so it… Continue reading

255/365 – Eat Me!

I have to admit, I didn’t think I’d be playing with Alphabet Spaghetti at 27 years old; yet alone eating it! The idea for today’s photo actually popped into my head last week… Continue reading

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