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274/365 – Two Hundred & Seventy Four

Sometimes I find it hard enough to write one post when I get in from work, but to have to write two is going to be tough. Yes, I did miss a day… Continue reading

273/365 – Town Hall, Brum

Today must be the first time I haven’t watched Sunday Brunch. I know right, how shocking is that! Call myself a fan and all that… Anyway, there was good reason, I was actually… Continue reading

272/365 – Welcome back

I’m sat here writing this with a nice cuppa, a kit kat and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. I remember when I was little when I used to go swimming that… Continue reading

271/365 – Back to the beach

Every now and then I get a longing to be back by the sea. I was thinking that this year I’ve only been twice – once when I went to Devon in June… Continue reading

270/365 – September’s Moon

I’ve applied for two jobs today – both admin in schools, and both had lovely long application forms. I hope it proves to be worth it in the end. It’s been quite a… Continue reading

269/365 – Abstract Tones

The picture I’ve chosen for today was never meant to be today’s – it was one of those happy accidents. It’s from Monday when I was playing around with the Macro lens and… Continue reading

268/365 – Every pound counts!

You’ll more than likely remember that I spent a large chunk of my time at the weekend scouring the house (or rather my room and the loft) for useful/less* (*delete as appropriate) things… Continue reading

267/365 – Laser Light

The weather does seem to have made a turn for the worst so there’s no shooting outside at the moment. The rain was torrential for most of the day and so I decided… Continue reading

266/365 – Droplets

Well, the rain was certainly back good and proper today. It’s been cold and wet pretty much the whole of the day which was a bit disappointing, but I didn’t really have any… Continue reading

265/365 – Can’t beat Heinz

100 days to go! I can’t actually believe that we’ve made it this far – only 100 images left to capture, write about and post! This year has flown by, it’s kind of… Continue reading

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