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065/365 – Follow the light

I started the day with a bowl of porridge and a quick flick through the pages of my new books that I bought yesterday. There’s some very good ideas in there which I’m… Continue reading

064/365 – Flagged

‘Focus on Imaging’ at the NEC today which was a very enjoyable experience. I have never been before and as someone who has a passion for photography, I thought it would be a… Continue reading

063/365 – The Water’s Edge

I knew the warm weather wouldn’t last… Rain and snow was hitting my windows this morning which sadly put the kibosh on my plans to venture into town bright and early to take… Continue reading

062/365 – Hula Hoops (the toy, not the crisp!)

I spent longer than I was expecting to at work so didn’t get chance to venture anywhere today, but then it’s amazing what you can find at your disposal around the workplace. I… Continue reading

056/365 – On the bench

I don’t know what it is about benches that fascinates me, but I’ve a few pictures like this, one of which won a competition last year (thought I’d sneak that in there!). At… Continue reading

047/365 – I always say no to coffee

I can’t stand it! When I was little, I really liked the idea of drinking coffee and wanted to try some. On my first sip, the taste was, well… disgusting, it was like… Continue reading

005/365 – tasTea

Tea. Very British and the answer to everything. There’s nothing more I like than coming home after a day at work to a nice brew, and if there’s a biscuit to go with… Continue reading

004/365 – These boots, they’re made for walkin’

These boots have certainly clocked up some miles on numerous trips around London and Birmingham as well as everywhere else in between. It was whilst I was out and about today, I thought… Continue reading

003/365 – Snap Happy

A windy trip into town proved to be very worthwhile as I am now the proud owner of a new, shiny, red Nikon 1, even if my bank balance is now somewhat dented.… Continue reading

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