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263/365 – I say tomato, you say…

Busy is not the word at the moment, maybe I mean tired. There’s nothing worse than feeling so tired all you want to do is just sleep, and you’ve got a headache coming… Continue reading

262/365 – Toast anyone?

  I know it’s not breakfast time now, but it was when I took today’s image.Ā Despite taking a picture of toast and jam, I didn’t have that for breakfast – the birds had… Continue reading

259/365 – Marble-less

I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by! Don’t worry, I’m not going to remind you that Christmas is just around the corner again. Surprisingly, I haven’t got a lot to… Continue reading

258/365 – Autumnal ramblings

Sometimes it’s when you’re doing nothing that the inspiration for a photo comes to you. Lying on the floor watching TV meant I caught these candles out the corner of my eye and… Continue reading

254/365 – Red Hot Chilli Pepper

I thought I should probably give you a break from Olympic pictures, after all, I did say I would. They’ll be back though at some point – I’ve got a few more I… Continue reading

238/365 – Good on ya Mo!

There’s nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon at the Athletics, especially when there’s the promise of big names competing hoping to continue their success of the Olympics. Birmingham Alexandra Stadium was where the… Continue reading

237/365 – At the station

I have to say I don’t think I’ve got much to say today. I’ve racked my brains for an idea but the headache I’ve got has put the brakes on that really. I… Continue reading

236/365 – Hay fields

Well, my Olympic tickets haven’t arrived yet šŸ˜¦ I was very excited waiting for the postman this morning but sadly he didn’t bring me my goodies. Still, there’s always tomorrow. I hope they… Continue reading

235/365 – All aboard

Yes, I am going to the Olympics! To say I was a littleĀ ecstaticĀ last night would be an understatement. I’m not quite sure how it all happened but basically I had a random thought… Continue reading

233/365 – In the middle of the park

This afternoon I finally got round to finishing my website. It took a while but there’s something satisfying about starting over. I deleted everything and re-organised all my images into new categories so… Continue reading

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