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304/365 – Happy Halloween

I’m surprised that the shops have already removed most of the Halloween paraphernalia and it’s not even happened yet. I mean, if you’re going to go out Trick or Treating tonight and you’ve… Continue reading

303/365 – What the eye sees

I have to say, when I first wrote the number ‘303’ for today’s image I couldn’t help but think of the band 3oh3 (pronounced ‘three oh three’) and the first song of theirs… Continue reading

285/365 – Glass blocks (and some useful info about plane crashes!)

So, what can I tell you about the exciting plan crash documentary I watched last night? Well, it was very entertaining and rather informative. I now know exactly where I should sit and… Continue reading

280/365 – Determination is the key

Sundays are made for chilling. I don’t know who decided this, but I am eternally grateful to them for it because I really enjoy my Sunday morning lie-in watching Sunday Brunch. I promise,… Continue reading

269/365 – Abstract Tones

The picture I’ve chosen for today was never meant to be today’s – it was one of those happy accidents. It’s from Monday when I was playing around with the Macro lens and… Continue reading

268/365 – Every pound counts!

You’ll more than likely remember that I spent a large chunk of my time at the weekend scouring the house (or rather my room and the loft) for useful/less* (*delete as appropriate) things… Continue reading

267/365 – Laser Light

The weather does seem to have made a turn for the worst so there’s no shooting outside at the moment. The rain was torrential for most of the day and so I decided… Continue reading

266/365 – Droplets

Well, the rain was certainly back good and proper today. It’s been cold and wet pretty much the whole of the day which was a bit disappointing, but I didn’t really have any… Continue reading

265/365 – Can’t beat Heinz

100 days to go! I can’t actually believe that we’ve made it this far – only 100 images left to capture, write about and post! This year has flown by, it’s kind of… Continue reading

264/365 – Say cheese!

I was thinking today that despite having my new camera for just over a month now, (I haven’t paid for it yet though – my bill doesn’t go out for another week or… Continue reading

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