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053/365 – Paper Art

I like trying new things out and as the weather was rather wet today, I thought I’d attempt to create my version of ‘fine art’ as they call it in Practical Photography. The… Continue reading

052/365 – Shrove Tuesday

The best 39p I’ve ever spent… I’ve been waiting for this day since the start of February; it’s one of the very few I’ve actually had a concrete idea of what I’m going… Continue reading

044/365 – Nuts and bolts

Better late than never, that’s what I always say…(mind you so do a lot of other people!) You may, (or hopefully not) have noticed that there wasn’t a post yesterday. Apologies for that.… Continue reading

040/365 – The green, green grass

(It’s not really grass – but don’t tell anyone…) I’m absolutely shattered after working a 12 hour day! I can’t wait to crawl into bed, so you’ll have to excuse the fact that… Continue reading

021/365 – Sunset Silhouette

So here we are, the final picture for week 3. I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going by, or indeed how full of images my hard drive is becoming! Today’s image… Continue reading

020/365 – The here and now

What I’m learning along this 365 is that experimentation can often have some pleasing results. I was however, in two minds as to whether to have this as today’s picture as I thought… Continue reading

016/365 – That Monday morning feeling

It’s never easy to get up on a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend, but it’s even more difficult to get up if you know you’ve got the dentist. I have to say,… Continue reading

010/365 – Great (grate)

When you’re standing in front of the photocopier waiting for it to churn out 200, double sided, stapled booklets, it’s not long until your mind starts to wonder. And wonder mine did… I… Continue reading

008/365 – Off the beaten track

Take two… Thankfully no work today so I got the best of both worlds; a lie in and my early(ish) morning bike ride in broad daylight ­čÖé As I promised yesterday,┬átoday’s image is… Continue reading

007/365 – Branch out

The plan was to get up at 6.30am, go for a bike ride, shower, and be ready to leave for work by 8.15am. Alarm was set and all was going to plan. I… Continue reading

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