334/365 – Surprise!

There’s good reason why I didn’t manage to post yesterday – I was busy helping set up for a surprise 60th Party for Loz’s mom Sue. The day started early with a McDonald’s… Continue reading

333/365 – Two wheels are better than none

This will be the second Thursday in as many months that I’ve had a twelve hour day. I don’t mind it really, I need the money to make up for all the other time I’ve… Continue reading

332/365 – Turbine Hall, Tate

My Christmas cards have arrived! I was so excited when I opened the box and saw them all printed and ready to be written. I will be featuring the images from the cards… Continue reading

328 – 331/365 – London Times

Hello? Anyone still there? I’m back after a lovely weekend in London and ready for the final stint of this project. It’s mega-post time again – well not quite as ‘mega’ as they… Continue reading

327/365 – Never too early for Christmas

And we’re back in colour… I fear that my constant mentioning of the up and coming festive season may go the same way as the Olympics did, i.e. I shall keep banging on… Continue reading

326/365 – Which way?

The rain is battering against the windows and the wind is blowing a gale outside right now; I think I made it home from work just in time, I would have hated to… Continue reading

325/365 – Laying Idle

It’s raining outside. It’s been non-stop all morning putting a stop to having a bit of archery practice in the garden with the kit I bought a couple of weeks ago. I was… Continue reading

324/365 – Breakfast

I’ve taken a quick break from catching up with ‘I’m  a celebrity’ to come and write today’s post. I’m about halfway through Sunday’s episode so only Monday’s to go once that’s finished and… Continue reading

323/365 – The last of the leaves

It’s a late one again – not ideal but needs must I suppose; two jobs in one day with very little time in-between. In the short space of time I did have, I managed… Continue reading

322/365 – Grated

You’ll remember I didn’t go to archery last week as I was very tired after my exciting bonfire party the night before. That’s probably the reason why I was totally rubbish this afternoon… Continue reading

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