344/365 – Frosty Morning

I’m in the middle of making a sausage casserole – the vegetables are bubbling away and the sausages are cooking nicely. I always seem to be making something when I’m writing these lately – just… Continue reading

343/365 – Stone path

It’s been a good couple of weeks since I’ve been able to get to archery. The first week I was down in London exploring the Tate with the brother, and last week, well,… Continue reading

342/365 – Early morning skies

I’m writing this at work because if I don’t I know I won’t feel like it later on. I’ve been in work all day today and I’d forgotten just how much of a… Continue reading

341/365 – Christmas baubles

Lately I seem to find myself constantly saying how tired I am and how little time I’ve had to do anything. Today is yet another of those and I’m frantically writing this post in-between going… Continue reading

340/365 – Nature’s Shelter

Words cannot describe just how tired I’m feeling right now. It’s not been a particularly busy day but the amount of concentrating (and possibly ‘thinking’) I’ve had to do has really taken it… Continue reading

339/365 – Following the path

I’ve just put some fish in the oven for my lunch so I’m hoping that I can write today’s post before it’s all cooked. I’m actually rather hungry as I forgot to have… Continue reading

338/365 – On target

Remember about a month ago when I finally got round to purchasing the archery set I wanted? Well, I’ve now had chance to set it up and actually have a go! Things have… Continue reading

337/365 – Chocoholic

Naturally, I was hoping to post as usual yesterday but the day just seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, it was time for bed. The day started with a trip… Continue reading

336/365 – Oh Christmas Tree…

I’m about to fall asleep but I’m hoping that I can stay awake for long enough to write today’s post. I can’t wait to go to bed actually, the tiredness is catching up… Continue reading

335/365 – Happy 1st of December

We return to the London theme for the final image of the week. As it’s now December and only 24 sleeps until Christmas day, not only do we get to eat the first… Continue reading

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