364/365 – More Brandy please

Here we go then, the penultimate post of the project and my final late night writing it. I shan’t miss that! You might be wondering why I’m writing the last post so late… Continue reading

363/365 – Simply spoons

I can’t believe the day is nearly over. I’m still sitting at my computer some four hours after I originally started. It wasn’t my intention to spend the entire afternoon on it –… Continue reading

362/365 – Music Maestro

Four days to go! Don’t worry, I’m not going to start rambling on about how scary it is that the project is nearly over, again; I think we’ve had enough of that lately.… Continue reading

361/365 – Light up Christmas

I’m fast running out of time to think of something exciting for the end of the project and today I’ve been wracking my brains for such an idea. I’ve got a couple in… Continue reading

360/365 – Lunch is served

That’s it then, it’s all over! The big day has been and very quickly gone. But what a nice day it was. Christmas is all about spending time with those you love and… Continue reading

359/365 – Merry Christmas!

358/365 – “‘Twas the night before Christmas…”

Finally! All the presents are wrapped and I’ve delivered them all. There’s a satisfying feeling knowing that everything is done and you can get on and enjoy the big day tomorrow. I can’t… Continue reading

357/365 – Festive Decorations

Ah, Sunday. Sunday mornings are just made for lazing around; in my case that means lying in bed watching Sunday Brunch. They made some rather nice looking recipes on there this morning, two… Continue reading

356/365 – Happy Christmas Birmingham

(No one’s noticed it’s late!) The first day of my holiday started with a very nice lie in and a bit of TV. I eventually decided I should get up at about half… Continue reading

355/365 – We made it

Hello? Are we still here? Oh, thank goodness. It seems we have cheated death once more and avoided yet another¬†apocalypse!¬†The world hasn’t ended like the Mayan’s predicted, their calendar simply ran out. Didn’t… Continue reading

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