Ben Lowe is an Abstract and Landscape photographer based in Birmingham, UK. Whilst his work is mainly focussed on these two genres, Ben enjoys creating images from a range of others including Food and Architecture.

Ben began his photography journey in May 2010 when he signed up to study with the Open University. This short course taught him all the fundamental basics of photography. This, however, was just the beginning. His thirst for knowledge grew and he decided to study a second course, this time with The Photography Institute. 18 months later, and armed with a lot more knowledge of this fantastic media, Ben emerged with a Diploma in Photography.

The idea behind his photography is simple; capture an image that evokes the most deepest feelings and emotions upon the viewer. This is particularly evident in his Coastal images where Ben likes to spend most of his time. The abstract side of his work, demonstrates his creativity with everyday objects and items.

In 2012, Ben embarked on his most ambitious project ever…Project 365. A year of taking photos and blogging about the ideas behind them lead to the creation of the 365 Book.

Following the success of his daily posts, Ben continues to write bi-monthly editions of ‘The Photographer’s Diary’ bringing you up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the life of a photographer.