The Photographer’s Diary : March 2013

Hello stranger!

Remember me? Don’t shake your head, you know you do. 365, photo a day, go by the name of Ben?

That’s right, I saw your eyes sparkle when you remembered who I am.

Now that we’re reacquainted, welcome back!

It seems fitting that as its snowing again outside that I should take the time to write my latest blog post. I know I said I’d do it monthly but I’ve been rather busy of late – I’m not quite sure how I managed to take and write about a photo everyday last year!

Last time we met I was in the garden taking photos of the ice and snow. Almost two months later and the snow is back, but this time I’m not outside. There’s so much to tell you about that I don’t really know where to start. There’s no way I can cram in everything, you may drop off! But arm yourself with a warm beverage, park yourself in a comfy seat and get ready to hear about the last two months of my life in a rather big, oversized nutshell.

* * * *

I’ve travelled to London on two occasions so far this year and both times it was absolutely freezing! I think I’ve only been to the capital twice when it’s actually been warm; once for the brother’s birthday and the other during my trip to the Olympics (still managed to cram that in somewhere :P) It seems that whenever we plan a trip to the big smoke the weather isn’t usually on our side.

Me and Loz ventured to an ice bar which actually proved a warmer experience than the chilling temperatures outside. Everything was made of ice, the walls, the tables, chairs, even the glasses. It was such a strange experience but one that was very enjoyable all the same.

Whilst freezing our butts off walking through Covent Garden, we happened to notice a poster for Shrek the Musical. We thought we’d pop in on the off chance there were any tickets left. Imagine our excitement when we got some! It was such a brilliant show, one that we’d both wanted to see for ages!

My second visit to London to see the brother saw us back at the wonderful Ibis hotel that messed up our rooms last November – thankfully this time round they redeemed themselves, although we still didn’t eat there, and I advise you not to either. Nandos across the road is much nicer.

A cheap trip to London Zoo (thanks to Tesco vouchers) was a great way to spend a Sunday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a collection of animals. I couldn’t name them all but chances are if you said one it’d be there. I did get some lovely pictures, but as they say never work with children or animals – these had a tendency to move just as I was about to press the shutter. I did however manage to get a couple of good shots of the Giraffes and a rather cheeky looking erm, (insert correct name here), I’m going to say Lizard – of some kind anyway.

Zebra_London Zoo 1

© Ben Lowe 2013

Zebra_London Zoo 2

© Ben Lowe 2013

Lizard_London Zoo

© Ben Lowe 2013

The zoo is set in the beautiful surroundings of Regent’s Park, another fantastic location for some photos. I can only imagine how lovely it would look on a summer’s day, (note to self to go back later in the year!), especially as it was stunning in the dull grey! I was surprised how close this little squirrel would let me get without running off. His cheeky face makes me smile every time. I also couldn’t resist taking a quick picture of a lovely fountain, the symmetrical trees leading the eye perfectly.


© Ben Lowe 2013


© Ben Lowe 2013

Later that evening we took a trip up the newly opened Shard. Oh my life, what an experience. I only saw the advert for it about a month before we went but I knew from that moment that this was a must! The view from 72 floors up is absolutely amazing. You literally can see for miles, it’s beautiful. And we had the best of both worlds; arriving at dusk meant we got to see all the lights of the city come on. It was totally a different view when we headed back down.

Of course, whilst the views were second to none, the one let down (for a photographer that is) was the slight glare from the lights on the glass. That aside though, I did manage to capture some lovely scenes of London from above.

On Top of the World_Shard

© Ben Lowe 2013

View from the Top_Shard

© Ben Lowe 2013

View-from-the-top 2_Shard

© Ben Lowe 2013

The view from the Shard is a photographers paradise and of course I did get plenty of images, too many to share on here. I’m still working on some which will find their way to the website soon.

Aside from London, the fitness regime continues and the treadmill has taken up its seemingly permanent residence in the dining room, it’s even got its own little space! Thankfully there’ll be no exercising in the cold garage by the looks of things. Obviously trying to get fit requires a healthy diet, something I’m not too good at sticking too. We like to eat out a lot and London was no exception. My breakfast of Salmon and Scrambled Eggs was lovely and come to think of it, reasonably healthy. Eggs, fish, tomatoes, brown bread…tick.


© Ben Lowe 2013

The Fairlawns is another popular family destination, one we visited earlier in the year. As always it served up a treat and my fish cake starter was delicious, even if I did feel a bit like a food inspector when I got the camera out in the middle of the room to sneakily take a shot.


© Ben Lowe 2013

Right, that’s it with the photos. I’m going to stop before it turns into a travelogue.

Just a few bits of housekeeping to round off with then…

It was my birthday last week and I have to say I think it’s been one of the best birthdays ever even though I was at work for most of the day. I did get chance to go to lunch with dad which was nice.

On the job front, the applying continues although I did have an interview at Birmingham Uni so fingers crossed. Im deliberately not thinking about it though so if I don’t get it I won’t be disappointed. (Since originally writing this I’ve been offered the job so the search is over and cheers all round!!!!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

We must have covered most things by now. See that wasn’t so bad was it?

Oh, how could I forget! My Project 365 book is complete! Well, it’s actually been finished for a month or so now and I have to say I’m very pleased with it. It’s lovely to have all the images in a nicely bound book. I know you all want to get your hands on a copy. You’ve got a choice…you can buy the actual physical copy, you know the one you can flick through, sniff (just me that likes the smell of new books? Ok, fine) and display lovingly on your bookshelf. Or, you can embrace new technology and download the ebook for your iPad or computer. Obviously the flick of the pages will be replaced with a swipe of your finger and people may look at you funny if you start sniffing your tablet, but who I am to judge – whatever floats your boat. Order your copy here.

Project 365 Book

That’s that then. Next time I won’t leave it so long.

So, to make sure I stick to my plan, I shall sign off with “see you next month”.

Happy Easter!

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