364/365 – More Brandy please

Here we go then, the penultimate post of the project and my final late night writing it. I shan’t miss that! You might be wondering why I’m writing the last post so late in the day (you’re probably not but I’m going to tell you anyway!)

Today we went to visit my aunt and cousin for a belated Christmas lunch. It was way back on day 2 of the project that we paid a similar visit. Remember the pylon picture that was taken on the way there? That was such a long time ago – I really can’t believe just how fast this year has gone. It’s a little scary really. Now here we are again on the last but one day of 2012.

Lunch was delicious as usual and included the famous Aunty Pauline roast potatoes. Everyone tries to make their’s taste just as nice, but so far no one has quite matched it yet! Our belated Christmas dinner was followed by Christmas pudding. I’m not particularly a fan but I couldn’t turn down the opportunity for a photo of the flaming dessert. On the first attempt, the flames weren’t nearly as high as we wanted so we decided to add more brandy to the proceedings. That was much better, and whilst my camera may not have captured it as we’ll as my eyes did, here’s the penultimate image of the project.

Until tomorrow!

364/365 - More Brandy please

“Art is wine and experience is the Brandy we distill from it.”
Robertson Davies

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