353/365 – At the fairground

I’m so tired!

For some reason I was awake at 5am this morning. In fact I woke up a few times in the early hours which was rather annoying, especially when you think it’s time to get up and turns out it isn’t. Not that I particularly wanted to get up, but you know what I mean.

It’s been a very busy day, hence why this post is coming at you rather late. Thankfully, it’s slightly earlier than it would have been had we not finished work early. It’s been a rather quiet evening at the leisure centre, everything is winding down ready for Christmas. Tonight was in fact my last shift of the year – no more work there until 7th January. Like I say, it was a pretty quiet night apart from us having to deal with a few drips in the sports hall (and by drips, I mean condensation, not really boring people!). We were fighting a never-ending battle but at least it stayed dry long enough for the guys to play football. As well as that, we had a bit of the ceiling collapse in the corridor where there’s been a leak for quite a while and so it was rather worrying when someone came and told us something had fallen through the roof. Their words were “a plant pot’s just fallen through your ceiling”. Well obviously we were very puzzled, but on closer inspection we discovered it was just rather a lot of plaster and its red colour did actually make it look like a poor smashed up terra-cotta pot. Nothing major though – all in a night’s work.

Today was also busy because I was in school. You’ll remember I changed my day from Tuesday to Wednesday this week so I could sample the staff Christmas lunch which actually was very nice. It certainly filled me up! Whilst I may have finished all my shifts at the leisure centre, I’ve still got a day in school tomorrow and a morning on Friday. Mind you, I love this time of year, especially in school’s because everything’s just so magical.

Talking of magical, there’s nothing more magical than a fairground, and when I was at the German Market last night, I saw this ride and wanted to capture the movement of it which I think I did. I also experimented with HDR toning in Photoshop to give it a kind of ‘out of this world’ effect which I think looks rather nice.

Anyway, I must away to my bed, I’m actually shattered.

Until tomorrow my friends!

[12 to go!]

353/365 - At the fairground

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.
Hunter S. Thompson

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