352/365 – The Giant Wheel

This time next week!

I don’t think we’ve had one of those before – looking forward to a date, it’s always been looking back! But yes, this time next week it’ll be Christmas Day and we’ll probably all be feeling rather sick after stuffing ourselves silly with way too much food. Still, it’s only once a year and totally worth it. I hope it snows, or that it’s at least cold and frosty – that really adds some magic to the day!

Talking of Christmas, as we have been for the past week or so, I think that the majority of my present buying and wrapping is now complete. All that remains to be done is the distribution. I won’t admit to being a brilliant wrapper (in either the gift or singing department!) I just do the best I can. I mean, my presents don’t look a mess, it’s just sometimes the tops and bottoms are not as precise as they maybe should be. It’s going to be ripped off anyway! I’m OK if the items are fairly regular shaped, but give me something round and I struggle.

It’s been nice having a day to just chill and do what I want. It’s also nice knowing that as it’s Tuesday I haven’t got to work in the evening either. It really is a whole day off! Tomorrow though I’m in school for my Christmas dinner, and to work I might add, and then it’s straight off to the leisure centre in the evening for my last shift of the year – hurrah!

Tonight me and Helena ventured into town for a look around the German Market. It’s lovely to see it here every year, and each time it seems to get bigger and better! There’s plenty of stuff to look at, as well as plenty to eat and drink. I had a fried camembert cheese thing, followed by garlic bread with cheese and then a pork bap with stuffing and apple sauce. I’m a little stuffed now to say the least and I’ve still got some chocolate covered marshmallows and a toffee apple to eat at some point.

This giant wheel was right at the start of the market and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it. It reminded me of a similar thing we went on up to Stoke when we visited Adam for the first time after he had moved away there to university. It could be the same one, but I doubt it.

352/365 - The Giant Wheel

“The wheel is come full circle.
William Shakespeare

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