351/365 – In motion

Here we are again, another late post, although it’s not quite as late as it might have been on any other work night as we finished early – bonus. I did however plan to write the whole thing whilst at work but for some reason ran out of time or just couldn’t be bothered to sit and think. Still, we shall attempt to write something vaguely interesting about my rather uninteresting day.

The fact is that it’s all getting a little ‘samey’ at the moment. My days seem to be filled with work, work and more work. Thankfully the holidays are just around the corner which should put a bit more variety our way for the last couple of weeks of the project. I’m quite excited to finish it but also a little sad at the thought of not sharing a photo everyday. There’s nothing more pleasing that having a photo you’re proud of and an excuse to share it – one that’s more than just ‘look at this photo I’ve taken’. Of course, that’s probably what I will end up doing next year, but I hope I can find some sort of project that tickles my fancy to provide me with a similar outlet for my work. It’s been an interesting year and it still hasn’t sunk it that in two weeks time I’ll either have written or be writing the final post. Chances are it won’t be the latter as I think I’m out for New Year’s Eve so I’m hoping to have it all finished by then.

Of course I’m going to miss my daily postings but I think on January 1st I shall breathe a well deserved sigh of relief as I’ll know the whole thing is finished. I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved this year and I’ve enjoyed sharing all my images with you, but I know that I shan’t miss the mad dashes to post before the end of the day. I’m still deliberating over how I want to do my ‘look back’ at my year towards the end of the project – I haven’t quite decided how best to do it but I know I want to re-visit some of the exciting times I’ve had as well as a selection of images I’ve captured.

But all that’s in the future, a future that isn’t as far away as I think it is. It’s going to creep up on me so fast! Back to the present though, and today’s image is an abstract one. I’ve not featured one of these for a while; instead I’ve been bombarding you with trees! This really was a point, shoot and see what happens image. I read in my magazine that motion blur can be rather effective when creating an image and so I took this whilst I was walking along the road in town. I rather like how the  lights have turned out and how the strong lines draw you into the image.

(That’s better than I could’ve written at work!)

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351/365 - In motion

“The world is in motion, as it seems.
– Utada Hikaru

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