335/365 – Happy 1st of December

We return to the London theme for the final image of the week. As it’s now December and only 24 sleeps until Christmas day, not only do we get to eat the first chocolate from our advent calendar, but it seems that many people are now officially able to start their Christmas shopping. I’m sure some may have begun already, but today probably marks the start of the official Christmas shopping period. December 1st rolls around and then the panic starts to set in and the world goes crazy, for there are only 4 shopping weekends until the big day. I haven’t started mine yet – I’ve done a bit on the Internet, but like most people I’ll be starting this week.

I did it again tonight, and it’s hard not to, but I sat there thinking about my London trip with that famous phrase running through my head – “this time last week”. I didn’t want to write about it again because I seem to remember I did the same sort of thing after both my holidays this year and I’m sure you won’t want to be bored with it all again. Unfortunately for you, I can’t help it and I found myself reminiscing back to our theatre trip last weekend and how we’d spent our walk back to the hotel looking forward to the McDonalds we’d picked up on the way. And by ‘picked up’ I do mean ‘bought’, not a random bag of food left on the street that we thought looked tasty!

It’s funny how time flies – it’s making me think just exactly where this year has gone! There’s only 31 more images until this project is done and dusted, now that is scary indeed! Honestly I never thought I’d make it this far through the project, and initially  had some reservations about embarking on such an ambitious challenge, but we’re almost there! I’m looking forward to the big finale (of which there isn’t one yet!) and being able to say that it’s ‘finished’. That’s going to be such a good feeling, and then with everything in the bag, the rest of the book should hopefully fall into place.

Anyway, I’m not going to ramble on about the project anymore tonight, there’ll be plenty of time for that as we near ever closer towards its conclusion. Back to the matter in hand then, and with December now here, I thought it only fitting to feature an image of London’s Christmas offering. This was Oxford Street last Sunday. We actually thought it was snowing when we emerged from the tube station to a flurry of ‘something’ falling from the sky, that was until we noticed the bubble machine on top of one of the roofs of one of the big department stores. The fake snow did add a very nice touch to the image though, and I think it certainly shows London looking very Christmassy!

335/365 - Happy 1st of December

“Christmas makes me happy no matter what time of year it comes around.”
Bryan White

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