272/365 – Welcome back

I’m sat here writing this with a nice cuppa, a kit kat and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. I remember when I was little when I used to go swimming that I would always have some sort of chocolate and/or crisps afterwards and I think that’s where my little fascination for the taste of crisps and chocolate together has come from. I have to stress that this really only works with cheese and onion crisps – well that’s all i’ve tried. I don’t really think I could get away with randomly eating chocolate with smokey bacon, although I’m sure I’ve seen someone cook with that on Come Dine, (bacon that is, not crisps) and if it wasn’t bacon it was definitely chilli. I know there’s a bit of a difference between bacon and chilli but you know what I’m getting at. So there’s one of my little weird habits; another is probably dipping ham sandwiches in tomato soup – it’s actually rather nice. You can’t knock it until you’ve tried it and I think you should try everything once!

I’m rather excited for my Archery lesson tomorrow even though I’m not quite sure what to expect – apart from having a go at shooting arrows at a target before anyone says anything! But hopefully, it should be a good afternoon  Who knows, I could be a natural (doubt it) and find myself in Rio in four years time (double doubt it!)

I bet you’ve been wondering when on earth you were going to get your next flower fix? Probably not, but never fear today is that day, whether you were wondering about it or not. It’s been a while since a bright petally (I doubt that’s a real word!) specimen graced our screens; day 251 to be exact. I thought that with the arrival of Autumn on the horizon that it would be the perfect time to snap a couple of end of season flowers before they all go to sleep for the Winter.

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.”
Helen Hunt Jackson

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