251/365 – Good stuff this pollen

You’ll know by the title then that today’s image is actually not related to the Olympics as I thought it may have been. Tomorrow’s definitely will be though as it’s the closing ceremony I’ve already picked a suitable image to finish on. I’m not saying I shan’t feature any other Olympic images throughout the remainder of the project, I’ll just use them on days I don’t have chance to take a photo. Sounds like a good compromise to me.

It’s been a busy old week – one that seems to have flown by! It only seems like yesterday when we were all awake at silly o’ clock to make our way to London for our day at the Paralympics – and now it’s Saturday, and that means work. Summer is over and the lessons are back on so we were all very busy this morning. We’ve had a nice quiet 6 weeks but now everything has sprung back into action.

This afternoon, I watched a little of the Wheelchair Rugby which was actually fascinating. I thought real rugby was violent enough, but this takes the sport to a whole new level. The amount of wheelchair bashing and the speed at which they get from one end of the court to the other is amazing. It’s going to be rather strange when it’s all over – at least when the Olympics finished we had the Para’s to look forward too, but after tomorrow what have we got? Not a lot, that’s what. Still, it’s been an absolutely phenomenal summer of sport, one that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and one I was proud (and lucky enough) to be apart of.

With the sun shining happily away, I captured this little bee gathering the pollen from this beautiful flower, makes a change from just a plain old boring flower doesn’t it 😛

“Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.”
– James Russell Lowell

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