183/365 – Beautiful Lily

It’s pretty strange having everything back to normal again. This time last week we were all by the sea enjoying ourselves. Looking out the window now, the rain is still coming down thick and fast just like it has been for most of the day. What a difference a week makes.

I’m quite glad then that I took the opportunity yesterday to take a picture of the beautiful yellow/orange lily that has flowered whilst I’ve been away. I realise it’s a flower, but looking back we haven’t had one for a while so it’s only fair really.

It’s going to be weird going back to work tonight – it seems such a long time since I’ve been there! I do quite need the money though – I dread to think how much I actually spent last week. Scarily, I think most of it went on food but one has to eat. I think the most expensive thing I bought other than food was my model ship which was £17. It looks good though smartly sitting on my shelf, and I’m rather impressed that I managed to put it all together myself, especially as I’m not very patient when it comes to making models!

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.”
– John Harrigan

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