122/365 – Purple ‘See’

I can see again!

I didn’t realise just how bad my eyes were until the optition pointed at a sign and asked me what it looked like with my old specs, and then with my new prescription. I was like ‘ooh, it’s much clearer’ even though I thought it was perfectly fine beforehand. My eyes haven’t changed that much she said so that’s good although I have noticed I’ve started sitting much closer to the computer lately. Now I can tap away quite happily and everything on screen looks crystal clear – it’s like a whole new world!

So yes, I went to the optitions today which wasn’t too bad. I came away with two shiny new pairs of designer specs and only spent £200. I say only, it’s still quite a lot, but it was budgeted for and I always like to splash out on fancy eyewear – they are on my face 90% of the time after all.

I did a lot of driving today starting with heading to the optitions this morning. Once I’d had my test and picked out my new frames, I headed to school for a busy couple of hours before returning to town to pick up my new ‘eyes’. I was quite tired after all that and thought I deserved a treat. A trip to the supermarket was in order to pick up ‘something nice’.

Not that this is very exciting, but I really only like PG tips tea and we ran out the other day and I had to resort to drinking the little stash of  random bags you’ve robbed from hotel rooms. Don’t try and deny it, we all do it. I’ve got soap and everything that’s ‘accidentally’ fell into my bag. Anyway, I bought a nice new box of those and a couple of scones complete with jam and cream. When I got home I literally parked myself in front of the TV and chilled.

Today’s picture is of some flowers that are actually growing in someone else’s garden at the end of our road. I’ve seen these many a times as I’ve driven into the close. At a quick glance I thought they were bluebells, but on closer inspection they definately aren’t. As you’ll know if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I’m not very good when it comes to plant and flower names – if there’s no little label then I’ve no chance. I love how the green and purple contrast each other and it looks extremely summery – is that a word? Anyway, this sea (or rather ‘see’ – see what I’ve done there?) of purple is an indication that summer is on the way, and it’s nice to have a moment of sunshine during all this miserable rain.

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature”.
– Gerard De Nerval

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