010/365 – Great (grate)

When you’re standing in front of the photocopier waiting for it to churn out 200, double sided, stapled booklets, it’s not long until your mind starts to wonder.

And wonder mine did…

I began thinking about what today’s 365 picture could be. There were quite a few ideas popping into my head, most of which were sent on their merry way, until I recalled an article I read in Practical Photography, about how everyday objects could be used to create abstract images. The one in particular that I remembered was a cheese grater. I can hear you thinking ‘how bizarre’ but bear with me on this one.

When I came up with the ‘cheesy’ (sigh!) title for this image I did actually laugh out loud to myself. That could have been quite embarrassing, but thankfully there was nobody else in the room.

“I think that they should call a cheese grater by its real name…a sponge ruiner.”
 Mitch Hedberg (American Comedian, 1968-2005)

And three cheers for the fact that we’re now in double figures!


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