Practical Photography Course: Double or Quits

Over the next six months I’ll be taking part in the Practical Photography DSLR course and each month we’ll be asked to create a specific type of image.

The Brief: Module 1
Choose a simple object and shoot it against a contrasting background, black for a light object, and white for a dark one.

Creating the image
I took a number of pictures for this brief before settling on my chosen subject. I shot peppers, paperclips, pins, clips etc. (you can see these images below) all of which were brightly coloured but there was something about the casino chips and dice that looked natural and un-staged.  I used a white background with natural light to get the desired effect, with some exposure compensation.

The Final Image
And here it is…
 You can view my final entries (as well as everybody else’s) on the Practical Photography website.

And here are my other shots from this module.